What Stub Master are you? Quiz

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Take this quiz to find out if you are more like Jonathan, Alex, John or Ethan!

  1. Its 10 AM on a Saturday morning, what are you doing?

    • Writing some fan fiction
    • Dead asleep
    • Finishing up a 10 mile run
    • Getting a pentakill in League of Legends
  2. What is your preferred breakfast?

    • Doomsday Breakfast rations
    • Protein shake
    • Pure sugar
    • Rubbery microwave pancakes
  3. What is your outfit to start the day?

    • Track shirt and camouflage pants
    • Pop culture reference shirt and cargo shorts.
    • Sweat pants, wife-beater and four pounds of hair gel
    • Whatever you woke up in
  4. You’re chatting with your friends about what?

    • Pointing out bad CGI moments in movies
    • Pushing your SoundCloud mix tape
    • Lecturing on proper Navy Seal training
    • Asking about what show to watch next
  5. You sit down to watch some TV, what do you put on?

    • Obscure Cartoon Network show from 2006
    • Cat Planet Cuties
    • Whatever is already on
    • The Simpsons
  6. You decide to put on some music, what do you listen to?

    • Nine Inch Nails
    • Showtunes
    • Chief Keef’s new mix tape
    • Attack on Titan theme song
  7. You want to play some video games what is your game of choice?

    • Ultimate Marvel V.S Capcom 3
    • Uncharted
    • Clash of Clans
    • League of Legends
  8. You sit down to browse the web, what site is first?

    • Tumblr.com
    • Reddit.com
    • HackForums.net
    • MoviePilot.com
  9. You get an angry email from your teacher, what did you do?

    • Arguing violently about humanity's true brain power.
    • Making strange bird noise and cracking up about it
    • Sleeping intensely
    • Watching Mission Impossible on your IPad
  10. You get a package in the mail, what is it?

    • Sick Beats Monthly
    • Comic Book compendium
    • The latest edition of WIRED
    • The blu ray you ordered
  11. What is your evening routine?

    • Watch Vines until passing out
    • Do 143,000 pushups.
    • Researching Polyphasic sleep cycle
    • Listening to a podcast.
  12. What one item do you bring to a desert Island?

    • Book of various fan art pictures
    • Afro Pick
    • Weights
    • Comically large Swiss Army Knife
  13. Celebrity Crush?

    • Edward Snowden
    • A mirror
    • Usain Bolt
    • Carrot Top
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