Which Avenger are you?

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Are you the leader? Are you the one that makes the whole thing cooler? Or are you the one who shoots arrows while battling a robot or an alien invasion? Find out now!

  1. In a fight, you are more likely to...

    • try to make the other person think
    • look at the other person dead in the eye as he/she talks
    • constantly laugh and shake your head at the other person making them even angrier
    • walk away thinking that the other person isn't worth your anger
    • try to keep calm
    • claim to be right every two seconds
  2. Which of this music genres do you prefer?

    • Whatever, if I like a song, I listen to it
    • Punk rock
    • Jazz
    • Classical
    • Rock
    • Pop
  3. What's your favorite animal?

    • Hawk
    • Rabbit
    • Dog
    • Monkey
    • Spider
    • Cat
  4. Favorite color?

    • All the 7 colors in the rainbow
    • Green
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Red
  5. Pick your favorite weapon.

    • Bow and arrow
    • Technology
    • An hammer
    • My anger
    • My body
    • A gun
  6. Which word describes you more?

    • Mysterious
    • Badass
    • Calm
    • Sassy
    • Sarcastic
    • Worthy
  7. What do you do in your free time?

    • I sleep
    • I don't like being alone so I hang out with someone
    • I run and work out
    • I lock myself in my room
    • I build things
    • I watch TV and eat all day
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