Are You in Touch with the Paranormal Spirit World?

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The spirit world is whispering to all of us, but the question is, can you hear it?

  1. Have you ever seen a ghost?

    • I have seen a few ghostly things out of the corner of my eye, but I can't be sure
    • Yes, I have seen people from the other side on more than one occasion
    • No, I don't think they exist
  2. Do you sometimes feel a drastic temperature change in a room that nobody else does?

    • I guess if I'm standing under an air conditioner!
    • Sometimes I can feel the temperature drop, but I'm pretty sure everyone else can too
    • Yes, I frequently feel cold spots in rooms that other people can't seem to detect
  3. Do orbs often appear around you in photographs?

    • Yes, I often notice orbs clustering around me in photos
    • What's an orb?
    • I have a few photos of me that contain orbs, but I thought it was a problem with my camera
  4. Are you prone to inexplicable moments of déjà vu?

    • Yes, sometimes I visit a new place and have vivid memories of being there before
    • There have been a few times where I have felt déjà vu on a strange occasion, but I've never really thought about it much
    • I only feel déjà vu when things have definitely happened before
  5. Do you sometimes feel like somebody is watching you from the shadows?

    • Yes, I can often feel eyes brushing my back when there is nobody around
    • I get this feeling sometimes, but I try not to think about it
    • Only if someone is hiding there!
  6. If you feel uneasy about a place, do you trust your instincts?

    • If I feel uneasy I don't totally ignore it, but I proceed with caution
    • No, it's just the primitive side of my brain talking
    • Yes, I always trust my instincts because they are usually right
  7. Can you sometimes hear footsteps when you are in bed at night and everyone else is asleep?

    • Unexplained footsteps are commonplace for me
    • Yes, but it's just the neighbors
    • It's happened to me a few times, but I always try and find a logical explanation for my own peace of mind
  8. Do you sometimes smell unusual perfumes and fragrances in your home

    • Different unfamiliar smells come and go all night in my house
    • Maybe if I've left the window open
    • I have smelt strange perfume once or twice but never really thought anything of it
  9. Have you ever tried divination?

    • No, it's a load of crap
    • I've tried it once or twice, but I'm not sure if I feel something or if I'm making it up
    • Yes, and I instantly felt a force guiding me
  10. Do you ever feel like unseen hands are touching your hair or skin?

    • Don't be silly, I don't have an overactive imagination
    • Yes, I often feel like a presence is gently making itself known
    • Only when my feet are hanging out of the covers, but that's probably psychological
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