Are you Marvel or DC?

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Do you want to join the comicbook realm but aren't sure which company to start at? Are you already a fan of one and want to see if I get you right? Are you a fan of one company, but aren't sure whether you'll like the other? Are you a movie fan who thinks the comics will be better and want to know where to start? You get the idea. Just answer the questions

  1. What are your thoughts on superpowers?

    • Superpowers are abilities we achieve naturally and whether we treat it like a curse or a blessing, it doesn't matter. We already have them
    • Superpowers, while accidental, can give you abilities beyond your wildest dreams. They should be not only accepted, but embraced
    • Superpowers will either be given from birth or won't be given at all. It all comes down to our destiny
    • Superpowers? The only power lies in the human body. Just put on a suit and go out in search of justice.
    • They are gifts, given to us to assist our agendas
    • They are mistakes and accidents turned into opportunity. An opportunity to be something bigger.
    • When it comes to superpowers, nothing beats getting them given to you in the form of science
    • Who needs superpowers? Just put a suit on, maybe get a weapon, go out and do whatever you need to do.
  2. What are your thoughts on the setting of the stories you read?

    • Bustling, fictional cities
    • Dark, fictional cities. That's where it's at.
    • I definitely prefer my stories set in New York
    • I think it's nice to have a place for the characters to call home, but I like international stories
  3. Thoughts on sci-fi?

    • Not really partial to it myself. I'm only really into something if it makes total sense
    • I guess it's ok. Really, I find it ok. Don't love it. Don't hate it. I can deal with it.
    • I like the science part. The fiction part is ok I guess, but really, there has to be a valid explanation.
    • Oh I love it! It's so intricate and fun!
  4. Well then, what's your favourite genre?

    • I do like aliens. Science fiction for me please!
    • Adventure
    • Drama
    • Crime/Mystery/Detective
    • Action
    • Fantasy
    • War and/or political thriller
    • Coming-of-age
  5. If you had to choose a weapon or way to fight, what would it be?

    • I'd use science to change my body to make me stronger
    • Well first, I'd need my body trained to the maximum, then I can add weapons to my arsenal
    • Well, if I had superpowers, then I could do whatever I want, couldn't I?
    • Whatever means necessary. I have a responsibility to preserve justice in any way possible
  6. Which of these made-up storylines sounds the best to you?

    • A man/woman destined for power rises to their destiny
    • A whole race of people are segregated and prejudiced against and they must find a way to save the world, all the while trying to avoid conflict with those they save
    • Person loves controlling everything around them and uses their power to live the high life
    • Person gets given superhuman abilities and uses them to have some fun
  7. If you were a hero, what sort of villains would you like to face?

    • Humanity and all the evil it creates
    • Nutjobs and themed criminals. Possibly representing aspects of myself
    • Mechanical threats to the country
    • Powered people (whether they be artificial or natural)
    • Gods and monsters
    • Aliens
    • Terrorists and war criminals
    • Forces, Animalistic and elemental beings
  8. Which of these people sound the best to you?

    • A physically and psychologically strong person who will always do what is right and will protect you, but if you get in their way, they will crush you.
    • A person who keeps trying to improve themselves, but has an awful personality to go with it. They like to show off and they crave power, and this can be both a good thing and a bad thing
    • A sense of justice and what is right, but a bit of a stickler for the law. After all, if they break the law, something bad might happen. Why risk it?
    • A person with great humour and a great sense of responsibility, but carrying a great burden
  9. What do you respect above all else?

    • A sense of duty
    • A sense of justice and vigilance
    • A sense of fun
    • A sense of comradery and community
  10. So...the question is. Which is better?

    • DC
    • Um....isn't the point of this quiz to find out which is more to my taste or whatever? Oh? You just wanted to have 10 questions because you didn't want to end it on 9 questions and you couldn't come up with another one? Ok.I'll select this answer then.
    • DC
    • Marvel
    • DC
    • Marvel
    • Marvel
    • DC
    • Marvel
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