Which Batman's Rouge Gallery are you?

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The deadly crazed Joker or Riddle me this Riddler?

  1. How do you Catch Batman?

    • Shoot him down
    • Give him a present surprise
    • Hit him with hammer
    • all the above
    • Catch him behind
    • Spring a trap
  2. What kind of weapons do you use?

    • Plants to fight
    • A rock
    • some gags and treats
    • Riddles
    • Freezing gun
    • An umbrella
  3. How do you get Batman's attention?

    • take hostages
    • Broadcast the whole world to see you and talk about your plans of destroy the city
    • send one of your henchmen to get him
    • send him a riddle
    • a calling card
    • leave him a message
  4. If plan A fails, what will be your plan B?

    • Run away
    • Fight with your bare hands
    • fallout a booby trap
    • Send in your marching penguin
    • Activate the self destruct sequence
    • Back up weapon
  5. Describe yourself as a villain.

    • The clown prince of crime
    • Split personality
    • A follower that wants to be with, "Puddin"
    • Mother nature against all men
    • Cold hearted vengeful
    • A man spreading with fear
  6. You captured one of Batman's sidekicks, what do you do to them?

    • Take them as their hostages
    • Leave them defenseless
    • All the above
    • Make them turn into one of you
    • Shoot them
    • Beat them to death
  7. How did you get turn into a villain?

    • An abnormal being
    • Joined with "Mr. J"
    • Born as a bird freak
    • Fell into of batch of chemicals
    • Became two different men
    • Made out of clay
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