Are you Dexter Morgan or Billy Dent?

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Are you Billy Dent or Dexter Morgan, find out below!

  1. Who are you closest to?

    • My son, I guess...
    • My sister, if I could love anyone it would be her.
  2. What people do you prefer to kill?

    • Bad people, they piss me off.
    • I don't understand the question-- oh, you must mean the prospects, those things aren't people.
  3. Where do you go to relax?

    • The trophy room, that's my nirvana.
    • My boat, "Slice of Life."
  4. Who inspired your killing?

    • Me. I'm a god.
    • My detective father showed me I can do good despite my urges.
  5. What are your favorite tools for killing?

    • A nice, lengthy piece of plastic wrap and a knife to finish the job.
    • It depends on how i'm feeling.
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