A classic one: Which Marvel Character are you?

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Including many Marvel comic book Superheroes. Give it a shot!

  1. How do you think your friends see you?

    • Nerd
    • Daring
    • Smart but dangerous
    • Crazy
    • Not very socialized
    • Party animal
    • Serious
    • Bossy
  2. A group of people are attacked by your worst enemy. You:

    • Call your boss for some backup
    • Get info on what he wants and attack him when you think you are ready
    • Try to outsmart him
    • You believe you can take him alone
    • ''He is attacking to humans beyond my land. None of my business"
    • Take some advise from your partners
    • Call your team and put him down together
    • Smash... lady style!
    • ''Piece of cake... I'll just rip his head off''
  3. Save the world or your town?

    • "The world"
    • "Can I stay out of it?"
    • "My people"
    • "Depends on the threat"
    • "Why not the whole universe?"
    • "Why not both?"
    • "First myself and then whatever suits me better"
    • "I am the protector of my city"
  4. Leader or Follower?

    • "Not a leader but a king"
    • "Whatever, I just wanna smash"
    • "In our team we are all the same"
    • "I am on my own"
    • "Following but take the lead from time to time"
    • "It's fun to just be with people you can mock and back stab"
    • "Leader all the way"
    • "Does being in a secret organisation counts?"
  5. Choose one of these abilities:

    • Enhanced senses
    • Deadly Voice
    • Strenght
    • Flight
    • Super Strenght
    • Agility
    • Power of an animal
    • Weapons
  6. Avengers or X-men

    • Both
    • Defenders?
    • Do I have to choose?
    • X-Men!
    • X-Men... no wait Avengers...wait, maybe both... no....
    • Not interested in answering that question
    • Secret option C: SHIELD
    • Avengers
  7. Which marvel movie do you think is the best?

    • Avengers Age of Ultron
    • Iron Man 3
    • I will go with series and say Daredevil!
    • Iron Man 2
    • Waiting for Deadpool
    • The Incredible Hulk?
    • Amazing Spider man
    • I am just waiting for 2019 for all the new movies
  8. Last one: Femme fatal or a Man

    • Girl Power!
    • Mutated
    • Devil
    • Woman
    • Boy...
    • Male
    • More manly than you could handle
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