Who would you be in a zombie apocalypse?

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Would you be the sole survivor, leader, destroyer? Take the quiz to find out! *WARNING GORE*

  1. So, you've found out a zombie apocalypse has broken out. What do you do first?

    • Barricade all doors and windows, grab your gun and start the onslaught!
    • Suicide. It's the easiest way.
    • Hide.
    • Call up your most trusted friends. Safety comes in numbers!
  2. A horde of zombies block your path. What do you do?

    • Cover your self in zombie blood and blend in!
    • Kill them from a distance out of harms way.
    • Push through them with a barrage of bullets!
    • Sneak around. Better left unhanded.
  3. What is your weapon of choice?

    • Sword.
    • Pistol.Big machine gun!
    • Pistol.
    • Sniper
  4. A good friend of yours has been bitten! What do you do?

    • Use them as zombie bait. My survival is most important!
    • I don't have any friends
    • Kill them. It's for the better
    • Cut off the infected area, bandage and hope there's no more infection
  5. YOU have been bitten by a zombie! What do you do?

    • Let it happen. I wanna become a zombie!
    • Suicide. I'd rather die then become on of those freaks.
    • Hope it's harmless!
    • Cut off the infected area, then bandage and hope there is no more infection.
  6. Well, the zombie have been destroyed, there is no more of them. What do you do?

    • Nothing. You're in awe.
    • CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!
    • Nothing. You're in awe.Suicide. All of your friends and family are dead.
    • No! That was fun!
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