Which Mad Max: Fury Road character are you?

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Find out which Mad Max character you are... Warboy... Furiosa... Find out here!

  1. Do you enjoy the taste of gasoline/petrol?

    • No
    • I like Olive Oil
    • It's kind of essential
    • I just want to get to the Green Place
    • If it leads me to Valhalla
    • Yes
    • If it is my property... Then I do...
    • Only if I have to
  2. The world is ending, you...?

    • Drive
    • I get knocked up
    • I don't know... I wait
    • Protect you're closest around you
    • Survive
    • Take advantage of the situation
    • I find out a way to continue humanity
    • Beg to be taken to Valhalla
  3. If I was a song I would be

    • Star Wars- Imperial March
    • A metallica song
    • A Beatles Song
    • Earth Song
    • It's a Man's World
    • Camaro
    • Dazed and Confused
    • Mr Cellophane
  4. Your favourite movie is...?

    • Valhalla Rising
    • Alien
    • Knocked Up
    • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    • Duel
    • Drive
    • Empire Strikes Back
    • Tomorrowland
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