Which Nightmare Before Christmas Character Are You?

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Which Nightmare Before Christmas character are you?

  1. What's your favorite color?

    • Green
    • Blue
    • Colors are so yesterday!
    • Black
    • Red
    • Gray
    • Pink
  2. You stumble upon Miley Cyrus in the woods twerking, what do you do?

    • Sing about how much you love Jack
    • Dance and sing about it.
    • Run away screaming.
    • Try to get away by going through a tree door.
    • Kill it, kill it with fire!!!
    • Join her.
    • Put her on the naughty list
  3. What do you wanna be when you grow up?

    • The Mayor of Halloweentown.
    • A bad guy that can sing and dance.
    • I can be whatever I want
    • Popular hehe
    • To be able to break into houses.
    • A firefighter.
    • A badass walking skeleton.
  4. Waffles or Pancakes?

    • Pancakes!
    • Neither, they're both so gross!
    • Pancakes all the way!!
    • Waffles Biatches!
    • Defiantly Waffles!
    • Tasty waffles!
    • Waffles!
  5. Greatest Tim Burton movie ever?

    • The Corpes Bride
    • Dark Shadows
    • Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Sweeny Todd
    • Ummm... I like The Notebook
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Batman and Robin
  6. Did you know Tim Burton directed porn?

    • EW! No porn is nasty!
    • What doe's this have to do with the quiz?
    • Wow... Just wow.
    • Of course! Any fan of his knows!
    • Hmm interested, is there a link to his porn?
    • No! I'm shocked!
    • Hahaha Tim!
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