What Supernatural Character are you?

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Who are you? John, Dean etc. Take the quiz and find out using your true SPN skills! *Spoilers*

  1. What is your favourite car?

    • Ford Mustang
    • Lamborghini Gallardo
    • Chevrolet Impala
    • 1940 Ford Coupe
  2. A monster follows you home, what do you do?

    • Find out what monster it is, and kill it
    • Throw holy water at it
    • Try to kill it when it comes in the house
    • Make it dance to some music
  3. Your best friends die. What do you do with the grief?

    • Run away
    • Talk it away
    • Keep the sorrow inside, nobody will notice
    • Drink the sorrow out
    • Track the son of a bitch down and kill it
  4. How do you kill a vampire?

    • Run over it with a car
    • Chop it's head off
    • Stick a wooden pole trough its heart
    • Lick it
  5. And finally, You are the only one that survives a gas explosion, what do you do?

    • Keep an object that the deceased owned, so they can be with you
    • Kill yourself to be with the other deceased
    • Find a way to get them back
    • Run away
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