Which DC character are you?

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Superman? Batman? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. What's your stance on capes?

    • It must be worn with pride!
    • It will burn off in a few hours of use.
    • Capes are not for me..
    • I would have one, but I'm not committed to it.
    • So long its versatile, I will wear one.
    • No point, it would get wet most of the time.
  2. You’ve been given a big assignment that’s not due for a month. When do you start working on it?

    • I will get it done immediately!
    • Next Week sometime.
    • I'll get around to it!
    • Straight away!
    • When it is convenient for me.
    • A few days before it is due.
  3. What is your Favourite colour?

    • Light Blue
    • Red
    • Black
    • Dark Blue
    • Green
    • Gold
  4. What kind of role do you tend to fill at work?

    • I come up with the big ideas.
    • I am a natural leader
    • I do all the networking and communication.
    • I am the one everyone turns to when there is a problem.
    • I do all the stuff no one else wants to do.
    • I am part of the middle management.
  5. If you were a famous celebrity, how would you handle your red carpet appearances?

    • I'd have fun and try to make people laugh.
    • I try a serious and dark tone.
    • I'd interact with the fans.
    • My clothes would be waterproof.
    • Each one would be unforgettable.
    • Function would be my priority.
  6. Someone very talented, whom you don’t know very well, wants to work with you on a project. What’s your gut instinct?

    • No thanks, I don't work well with others.
    • Ok, but I want to be in charge.
    • That's Awesome!
    • Ok, but you are in charge.
    • Lets talk and see if you are on the same page.
    • I don't trust you.
  7. Which of these is the most serious threat to humanity?

    • Disease.
    • Technology.
    • War.
    • An Alien invasion.
    • Oppression by the rich and powerful.
    • Climate Change.
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