Are you worthy to wield the Mjölnir?

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Whosoever holds the hammer, if be he worthy, shall possess the mighty power of Thor, do you think it's a trick?

  1. How well do you know the mighty Thor, son of Odin?

    • I know Thor, but only a bit, I don't read his comics series too much.
    • I know all about the Prince of Asgard! Maybe, I might even turn out as the Prince('s consciousness)!
    • Who's Thor? What I only know is "thorns".
  2. Once you have the power to possess the Prince's mighty hammer, what will you do with it?

    • Use it..... to be the most powerful man in the UNIVERSE!!! Time to be the new Loki...
    • Use it.... for my lumber-jacking portion in my very own show! The hammer will be great for smashing logs...
    • Use it..... to be the righteous, and mighty man that Thor turned into...
  3. What will you do to possess the power of the hammer?

    • Wield the Mind Stone, so I can wield the hammer.
    • Have the Super-Soldier serum injected in your body in order to lift it, or maybe just move it...
    • Put it in the elevator where you also go into.
    • Please Odin to have some OdinForce, in order to lift the hammer.
  4. What if you lose control of your power, what will you do next?

    • Continue on trying to control it, even if I need to take hard risks...
    • Throw it in a cliff. Pfft.
    • Give it to someone who is worthy of my power.
  5. One last question, what name will you use once you have the hammer?

    • Orion
    • None of the above. Why? Because I want to make one! I'm creative!
    • Grimmus
    • LightStriker
    • Ragnarok
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