Which African American Hero are you?

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Test your strength and courage

  1. An enemy has just broken into your headquarters, what do you do?

    • Save anyone that you can
    • An enemy would be foolish to try
    • Attack from a far
    • Test the enemies strengths
    • Run up on the enemy and fight
  2. After the enemy is caught, he says there are more like him coming, you...

    • Hold the enemy hostage
    • Immediately search for the others
    • A foolish decision, let them come...
    • Kill the enemy
    • Make sure he is arrested first
  3. The enemies back up has arrived, you...

    • Have already begun taking them out one by one
    • Begin to beat the enemies to a bloody pulp
    • Soar into the air dodging attacks
    • Threaten to kill the detained enemy if they attack
    • Show the enemies the true power of Asgard
  4. All of the enemies have been defeated now you...

    • Go back to protecting the precious bridge
    • Find out why they came
    • Announce your victory to the country
    • Clean the blood off of yourself
    • Make sure everyone else is OK
  5. One of the dead enemies is holding a card that reads, "this is only the beginning" you...

    • Send others to hunt them down
    • Thy shall not test me again or risk the same punishment as the others
    • Have already begun your search
    • Begin your search now once everyone else is safe
    • Go to dinner, your tired from beating the s**t out of all of those other guys
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