What Kind of Fan are You?

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From the casual viewer to the obsessive stalker, which one are you?

  1. How often will you watch/read a film/series/book you like?

    • I can probably quote it by now.
    • Once.
    • At least twice
  2. How often would you watch a trailer and/ or read the synopsis of a film or book?

    • I would have been waiting weeks for them to release it and now can't stop watching/reading it.
    • Once, probably because someone told me about it.
    • Probably saw it a couple of times out of curiosity.
  3. If you like the series/film/book, how often will you post about it?

    • Neh, I have better things to post about.
    • I might post the trailer or a couple of articles.
    • Who cares what people think, I'll post pretty much everything I find.
  4. Would you watch a film while it's in the cinema? If yes, how many times?

    • I'll watch it once.
    • Not really worth my time.
    • I'll probably go to the premier and a couple of other times with friends and relatives. You can never watch it enough times.
  5. Will you continue to pester your friends and relatives until they watch the film or read the book?

    • Neh
    • I might casually bring it up in conversations.
    • I will bribe them to go see it, or drag them there in chains.
  6. Will you become an expert on the topic overnight?

    • I'll probably be able to write a thesis about it.
    • I might look up a couple of small things, but nothing big.
    • I've got more important things to do.
  7. By the end of the film, the first episode or first chapter would you know all the names of the main characters?

    • You know that hobbit that they had passed at the very start of the movie but never appeared again? His name was Sr Ferumbras II Took and he's married too...
    • Frodo and Gandalf I can remember, not sure about the dwarfs though.
    • Hmmm.... I think there was a character called Bob somewhere...
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