Which 'Vampire Diaries' Character Are You?

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Find out whether your a brooding vamp or a curious human!

  1. What Do You Like To Do After School?

    • Attend cheerleading practice and hang out with friends
    • Stay at home
    • Brood and comb your hair
    • Go to the nearest bar and get a drink
    • Hang out with friends
  2. What Does Your Style Consist Of?

    • Designer brands
    • Dark clothes and leather
    • Conservative, stylish clothes
    • Jeans and a casual shirt
    • Pretty and chic clothes
  3. What Would You Do If A Hot New Guy Moved To Your School?

    • You're the hot new kid
    • Play it cool
    • Find out everything you can about him
    • Be friendly
    • Act tough when they're around
  4. How Would Your Friends Describe You?

    • Mysterious
    • Sweet
    • Girly
    • Kind
    • Cold
  5. What Do You Think About Vampires?

    • Scary and untrustworthy
    • Mysterious and intriguing
    • Sexy and attractive
  6. Who Would You Take To A School Dance?

    • Your boyfriend
    • You wouldn't go
    • A possible love interest
    • No one, you would steal other people's dates
    • Your friends
  7. How's Your Love Life?

    • Single and looking
    • You are in love with someone
    • It's... Complicated
    • You are always in love triangles
    • Full of one night flings
  8. What Do You Think Of Your Family?

    • They were the best...
    • Strange
    • Dysfunctional
  9. Who Are You Most Attracted To?

    • Someone kind and sweet
    • Bad boys
    • Anyone who knows how to have a good time
    • Sporty jocks
  10. How Do You Grieve?

    • Cry it out
    • Keep your self busy and ignore it
    • Write in your diary
    • Drink it away
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