Which Flash Villain Are You?

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Are you a terrible Trickster or a wicked Weather-Wizard?

  1. If you were in fact a supervillain, what would be your idea of a good time?

    • Learning & furthering your evil brain's capabilities.
    • Find someone to fight.
    • Scheming. Lots of scheming.
    • Play a prank!
    • So long as you look cool, good times are constant.
    • Terrorize a city. Ah... good times.
  2. You've cornered and captured your mortal enemy - what do you do?

    • Keep a close eye, but leave them alone - you've got important work to be doing...
    • Tell a few jokes. This could be a good time!
    • Get them to do favors for you. They are your hostage, after all.
    • Ask them for a fair fight - you've always loved a challenge.
    • Plot your next move & always stay one step ahead.
    • Call their family - you want to people to know just how good you are.
  3. You need to mask your identity - how do you go about it?

    • You stick to the shadows...
    • Masking your identity? Pfft. That's not for you. You want to be known!
    • If someone sees you - make them pay.
    • Oooh! Something flashy! Make a statement within your disguise.
    • A full-on face mask.
    • A hood's cool.
  4. You're looking at a menu - what's the meal you're looking for?

    • Something organic - Mother Nature can produce some really awesome things.
    • Meat. Protein, protein, protein.
    • A fancy dish - you live for extravagance.
    • Fish (or anything so long as it's good brain-food.)
    • A chilled meal.
    • Something tasty - you rarely get the chance to enjoy such delicacies.
  5. You're taking your friends on holiday - where are you taking them?

    • The future. Cos, yaknow, time travel.
    • Somewhere with spectacular skies.
    • A snowy mountain holiday - you and the cold share a bond.
    • USA - there are some big boxing matches coming up soon.
    • What they don't know is, you're not actually paying for them... Heehee...
    • A jungle trek. Hey, maybe you'll meet Tarzan.
  6. What's your favorite time of day?

    • Any stormy night suits you down to a T.
    • Evenings - main meal time!
    • Whenever you can find a good comedy show on TV.
    • You don't really notice the days passing...
    • Any time you can sleep. Heck knows you need it.
    • The early morning. You love the cool, crisp air.
  7. You're about to be defeated by an enemy superhero - how do you turn the tables?

    • Don't worry about it - you'll be back, and you know it.
    • Laugh. It's funny.
    • If you're going down, you're pulling as many people as you can with you.
    • You're not actually about to be defeated, they just think you are.
    • Use your brain to intelligently regain control of the situation.
    • Punch stuff.
  8. You've got to wake up early tomorrow, so you...

    • You'll wake yourself up (without an alarm) at the desired time.
    • Grab an early night, you need to be on the ball the next day.
    • Uh, do you care?
    • You don't sleep. Like, at all.
    • Set an alarm. You've got stuff to do the next day and you're gonna do it to plan.
    • Nearby explosions wake you up, so you'll schedule one for early tomorrow morning.
  9. It's your kid's first day at school, what advice do you give them?

    • "Study hard. Then study some more."
    • "Son, if you get hit - hit back."
    • "Remember, school is the gateway to your future."
    • "Don't let anybody stop you doing what you wanna do, kiddo."
    • "Be funny, and you'll be loved."
    • "Keep your cool."
  10. What's your dream pet?

    • Rhinos are pretty cool.
    • A dinosaur. Duh.
    • A tiger or lion cub...
    • You've always had a weakness for penguins.
    • You find the stupidity of animals insufferable.
    • A pet bird would be nice...
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