Which Greek God Are You?

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Choose which Greek god your most likely to be based on you actions.

  1. You see your stuff being stolen from your house. What do you do?

    • Take them down in a fight to the death.
    • Demand why they are there in the first place.
    • Curse them to eternal damnation.
    • Try to talk them into giving your stuff back and asking them to leave.
    • Plan your revenge and go after them later.
  2. You are in a family crisis and nobody will listen to you. You...

    • Vanish and let everybody wonder where you've gone.
    • Skulk into the shadows and plan what you'll do to have everyone's attention next time.
    • Storm out and you won't go back into the room until everyone wants to hear what you have to say.
    • Wait patiently until they are your audience.
    • Demand that everybody shut their mouths and listen to you.
  3. Your enemy approaches you and demands a fight from you. What is your reaction?

    • Negotiate and talk them out of madness.
    • Do nothing and let them attack first.
    • Of course! Let's go right now!
    • Ask for a reason why.
    • Reap their soul so they can be arrogant no longer.
  4. Somebody asks if you would join in on their adventure. You...

    • Say no and go back and be alone in the dark.
    • Reject them and declare you are a one man army.
    • Accept the request only because they have been nice to you.
    • Agree on the condition that you are the leader.
    • Go with them and support them however you can.
  5. Your best friend says that somebody has assaulted them in the alley way. Your reaction is to...

    • Strategically plan their next attack so you can be there when it happens.
    • Go after the attacker and rip their head clean off their shoulders.
    • Teach your friend the dark ways so they can rain hell next time.
    • Rain down justice from the heavens on the attacker.
    • Nothing... Only because it wasn't you that was attacked.
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