Which Justice League Member Are You?

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Warning: this quiz may inspire the spontaneous need for fairness.

  1. How do you behave during group projects?

    • I offer detailed expertise on the topic and always end up troubleshooting tech problems.
    • As much as I want to help, I usually fall into the background.
    • I quickly take on the role of the leader even if the group doesn't necessarily want that.
    • I'm often stuck being the mediator, but I know how to ensure the best outcome.
    • I make sure the job gets done, but I don't need the credit for it.
  2. At a party, where is someone most likely to find you?

    • In the center of it all, meeting as many new people as possible.
    • Having an impassioned discussion with another guest about philosophy and politics.
    • Quietly watching the action from the shadows.
    • In the corner, texting a friend.
    • Alternating between attending to business and showing off my moves.
  3. How do you deal with your fears?

    • I reason out the most rational response to them.
    • I get past them with a little help from my friends.
    • I tackle them head-on for better or for worse.
    • I embrace them and use them to fuel my goals.
    • I try to find the truth lingering underneath them.
  4. What's your idea of the perfect vacation?

    • Beachside or bust!
    • A tropical island far from the city that's full of gorgeous women.
    • A modern city with progressive people and technological marvels.
    • A ladies-only weekend and maybe a visit back home.
    • Somewhere remote and cold where you can get some thinking done.
  5. How's your love life?

    • A little complicated, but I pretty much stick to the same people I've always loved.
    • Way too many partners to count.
    • It varies. I've dealt with unrequited love and unconventional romances, but I've had healthy relationships too.
    • I tend to date my friends with varying consequences.
    • It could definitely use some improvement.
  6. If you were to form a band, what instrument would you play?

    • Bass
    • Turntable
    • Lead guitar
    • Drums
    • Vocals
  7. What's your sense of humor like?

    • Typically harmless dad jokes but can be a little pointed.
    • I'm warm and inoffensive, but I don't think many would say I'm funny.
    • Dry and very sarcastic.
    • Fun and positive.
    • A bit self-deprecating, but mostly I just want to cut tension.
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