Whose Heart Will You Capture? :X-Men Addition

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Ever wonder which of the X-Men you would fall for? Better yet, do you ever wonder which one would fall for you??

  1. How would you resolve an argument?

    • Easy, Punch the F*@#head in the face
    • Just remain calm until their done with their side and then reason with them
    • Just use my adorable face to win! No one can resist MY puppy dog eyes!
  2. Where is a place you have always wanted to go?

    • Canada
    • Louisiana
    • Russia
  3. How would your friends describe you?

    • Loyal
    • Sweet but Shy
    • Rambunctious
  4. What kind of girl/ Guy are you?

    • The type to become a boxer or martial artist?
    • a painter or author?
    • a Musician or street performer
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