What transformer are you?

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Who's not aware of the planet Cybertron? I bet almost every science-fiction lover is. Take this quiz and find out which Cybertronian inhabitant are you.

  1. Where would you take your friend for a lunch?

    • A bar. *hic*
    • To a 5-star hotel. (Leave them later, as soon as the waiter arrives with the bill *giggle*)
    • A family restaurant.
    • KFC!!
  2. Who would you rather hang out with?

    • That's easy, the bad-ass hunky dudes, who'll protect me from the other bad-asses.
    • Anybody, as far as they're good to me.
    • The slobs, to appear not so useless.
    • I'd rather stay on my own.
  3. When part of a project, what role are you most likely to play?

    • The leader's ass-kisser
    • A bit of all.
    • The hardest worker
    • The leader
  4. What's your favorite song?

    • Some old school stuff.
    • Anything to annoy my neighbors and hear them screaming *giggle*
    • The funky cool stuff.
  5. If come across two opposites fighting, what are you most likely to do?

    • Why would I care?
    • Help the one who seems good to me.
    • Get into the fight and start beating anyone who I come across, then leave.
    • Try and stop them, by talking to them.
    • GET ME SOME POPCORNS PLEASE. This is going to be fun.
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