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Which side should you join? Pick your side and fight.
(Quiz to help you determine which side you should join inside WWA world.)

  1. How do you deal with spies?

    • They should be held hostage for interrogation and exchange.
    • We kill them. Mercy shan't be shown to those that seek to destroy us.
    • Kill them unless they could offer something valuable in exchange of their lives.
    • Feed them information you want them to know.
  2. Deep down, what makes you keep on fighting?

    • Honor.
    • Survival.
    • Pride.
    • Duty.
  3. What kind of weapon you bring to a fight? (Pick the group your weapon of choice falls under.)

    • Sword, bow and arrows, mace, halberd, axe, ring sword, whip.
    • Natural-born powers and talents.
    • Magic based weaponry (swords, daggers, guns).
    • Guns, machines, snipers, weaponry in general.
  4. Which of the following makes you the most annoyed?

    • Disloyalty.
    • Causalities.
    • Weakness.
    • Disobedience.
  5. What's your strategy of choice?

    • A lot of smaller groups that attack all at once, getting the advantage from the element of surprise.
    • Good tactical plan, sticking to the formations before dispersing into free formation.
    • Good diverse attack on two sides, with good fall back plan.
    • Strike fast and hard, with the element of surprise from more than one side.
  6. Is there a rule you follow on the battlefield?

    • Fight until you die - no retreat.
    • We leave no men behind.
    • We're not into taking prisoners.
    • Stick to your orders, no improvisations.
  7. Do you believe in life after death?

    • Afterlife is only for the bravest, most honorable of us.
    • No, of course not.
    • I believe in heaven and hell.
    • To each it's own.
  8. What's your opinion on love?

    • Love makes you do irrational and heroic things at the same time.
    • Love's the thing that keeps you on the battlefield - the desire to keep safe the ones you love.
    • Only if you are on the same page with your lover.
    • It's the strength we all need.
    • Isn't the right to live and love what we're fighting for?
    • An immature love is only a way into demise.
    • There's a lot of different types of love, it's what makes you keep going.
    • Love is blindness.
  9. There is a prisoner taken under custody and given to you for interrogation. What do you do?

    • Get someone to use a potion, spell or some kind of mind reading on them to get the information.
    • We're not into taking prisoners.
    • Go by the book. Ask questions, try to get answers. Do what it takes.
    • Inflict pain until you get the information you need or the person dies.
  10. How do you deal with death?

    • The less people die, the better. This isn't about wiping people out mindlessly.
    • Death is natural in the line of duty we take.
    • Any life taken in a battle is a life well spent.
    • We fight for a cause and we die for a cause.
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