Which Batman Villain Are You?

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Ever wondered which Batman villain you would be? Always considered yourself the joker, eh? Think again...

  1. What is your favorite color?

    • White
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Red
  2. What are you in your group of friends?

    • The short tempered
    • The sentimental one
    • The beauty and charm
    • The crazy one
    • The insanely funny
    • The muscle
    • The double faced
    • The leader
  3. Where would you go on a weekend out?

    • The movies
    • Somewhere cold
    • The museum
    • The bar
    • The circus
    • Somewhere holy
    • The park
    • Somewhere recreational
  4. Your favorite Justice League hero

    • Superman
    • Aquaman
    • The Flash
    • Martian Manhunter
    • Green Arrow
    • Cyborg
    • Green Lantern
    • Wonder Woman
  5. Your favorite Robin

    • Damian Wayne
    • Jason Todd
    • Tim Drake
    • Stephanie Brown
    • Dick Grayson
  6. One of his sidekicks splits with Team Batman, what's your move?

    • Tell him/her, "Take your place back, even if it means killing the Bat."
    • Talk him/her into siding you
    • Tell him/her, "Forgive him, everyone deserves a second chance."
    • Tell him/her, "Batman was never worthy of a teammate."
    • Be the good guy and talk to Batman about it
    • Tell the rest of Team Batman to leave Batman on his own
    • Kill him/her
    • Tell him/her, "You are better off being on your own."
  7. Batman is coming to kill you. What would you do?

    • Face him up front
    • Look for a hideout
    • Admit defeat and surrender
    • I can finish him with my pinkie finger
    • Escape
    • Keep your army ready
    • Take one of his loved ones captive
    • Fake your death when he kills you and just as he leaves, slit his throath
  8. You both have one enemy. Would you team up?

    • Yep, if he promises he leaves me alone
    • NOPE, I'm too cool for him
    • Yep, as he's got the power
    • If he shows his identity to everyone then yep
    • Lets' see how he can handle it on his own
    • I would love to, but I got my own agenda
  9. You find out who Batman is. What would you do?

    • Find Bruce and kill him
    • Expose his identity
    • Go after his loved ones
    • Keep it to yourself
    • Destroy his wealth
    • Dance cause you knew it was Bruce Wayne
  10. And lastly, you successfully kill Batman. What would your next move be?

    • Party and go killing again
    • Rule over Gotham
    • Assert dominance over EVERYONE
    • Disappear to a runaway country
    • Retire
    • Find the Batcave and destroy everything
    • Find a new hobby (sports, teacher,etc)
    • Look for other Justice League heroes and kill them too
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