QUIZ: Which Video Game Console Were You Born To Play?

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Find out which console best represents you!

  1. Video games are all about...

    • Art, man
    • Relieving stress after a long day at work
    • Competitive multiplayer carnage
    • Playing with friends and family
    • Beating them - the harder, the better
  2. You've had a long evening of gaming, but you decide to call it a night because...

    • Sleep? I'm marathoning all night baby!
    • You've got work tomorrow
    • All your friends have gone home
    • You have to put the kids to sleep
    • I can carry on playing in bed
  3. Pick a game!

    • Something easy to play!
    • Pokemon
    • Mario Kart
    • Bioshock
    • Uncharted
  4. What are you having for dinner?

    • Tapas
    • Steak
    • Pizza
    • Meatloaf
    • Cheetos and Mountain Dew
  5. You're stuck in a game. What do you do?

    • Try harder!
    • Give up, I've got other things to do
    • Pass the controller to a friend
    • Find an online walkthrough
    • Come back to it later
  6. Choose an ice cream flavour

    • Lime
    • Strawberry
    • Mint chocolate chip
    • Cookies and cream
    • Black cherry
  7. You've just beaten all your friends in Mario Kart - what do you do?

    • Drop the controller and leave the room in silence
    • Sing a chant about how much they suck
    • Shake your competitors' hands
    • It's not about winning, it's the taking part that counts
    • Never let them forget it as long as they live
  8. Who's your favorite video game character?

    • Nathan Drake
    • Zelda
    • Donkey Kong
    • Mario
    • Solid Snake
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