Who is your villain

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Answer the following question below to reveal who is your villain

  1. If you killed your first person what would you do

    • laugh
    • keep going until you get used to it
    • run and pretend nothing ever happen
    • experiment it
  2. Somebody figured out your identity would you

    • be okay with it
    • break every bone in its body
    • kill him
    • be a new villain
  3. Who would be the first superhero for you to destroy

    • Batman
    • Green Arrow
    • Superman
    • Flash
  4. What would you use on yourself to kill somebody

    • Poison
    • Kryponite
    • Steroids
    • martial arts
  5. Who would be your back up team

    • Bane, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold
    • Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Riddler
    • Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Brainiac
    • Reverse Flash, Darkseid, Joker
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