What Jurassic World Dinosaur Are You

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Are you a little cute creature or are you a vicious creature

  1. You first describe your self to me

    • Umm it kinda depends im actually slow sometimes and fast sometimes
    • Fast Oh run
    • Slow and steady
  2. Do you prefer sacrifice or liberty

    • Liberty
    • Well I dont hurt unless they hurt me
    • Sacrifice
  3. If you were in jurassic park before it was abandoned what would you do if you saw raptors

    • They are fast so of course I cant get away from them
    • Run, Run
    • Take a sword
  4. Finally on june 12 what would you wear to the movie theaters to watch Jurassic World

    • Im just wearing regular clothes
    • Midget apple from annoying orange has to wear a diaper to the movies
    • Diaper
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