What Cartoon Character Are You?

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Which crazy and fun character is inside of you?

  1. What would you rather be?

    • Feared.
    • a Shut in
    • Famous.
    • Loved.
  2. You see someone in trouble, what do you do?

    • Stand by and watch the trouble ensue
    • Help them to the best or your ability
  3. What world would you want to live in?

    • A world where there is trouble around every turn
    • A post- apocalyptic world
    • a world where you become the chosen one who must protect the world
    • a world where mystery pops up everywhere
  4. Who would you want to be?

    • The villain
    • The coward
    • The hero
    • The comical friend
  5. What would be your weapon of choice?

    • a sword
    • Your bare hands
    • Your words
    • None of the above, you don't fight
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