Which Captain America character are you?

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Which hero or villain from Captain America franchise are you?

  1. Easy one: A small child is attacked by the dog. How you react?

    • It's not my mission
    • Bring kid back to it's parents and tell tham to watch him more carefuly
    • I shoot/punch/kick dog cause of fun and than say child did it
    • I think if I get something from it and than react
    • I run to get kid into safty
    • Try to help to a child, or call help if I can't do it alone.
  2. Here's a picture, what do you see?

    • I'm and soldier. But bring it to the girl and say I drew it. Can put light on my future!
    • A waste of time
    • A big flower drew on a peace of paper.
    • A flower obviously
    • A distraction
    • A beautiful painting with a gorgeous flower drew on the middle
  3. What do you think of a fight/running away from it:

    • It's part of the job/Don't ever run from it, except if it's your mission to.
    • Soldiers are used to it but it's not good cause you can harm somebody even if you don't mean to/ I ran from fight once, it got me much worse bro
    • I don't like it but sometimes miss it/you can't always run away from it
    • Fight is bloody bad/Sometimes you better run from it
    • I use my brain, not my skills, not question for me
    • Why fight if you can just shoot somebody/ I don't run from it
  4. A personal one... Who's your favourite actor

    • Sylvester Stallone
    • Will Smith
    • Eddie Murphy
    • Benedict Cumberbatch
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Dwayne Johnson -
  5. Something like the last one: Favourite movie

    • Men in black
    • Edge of Tomorrow
    • huhh hard choice
    • The Imitation Game
    • Rocky
    • San Andreas
  6. Fav food?

    • Old good Pancakes
    • I love everything man
    • I'm more for a good wine
    • No time to eat!
    • Steak
    • Something healthy. Not big and with nice taste
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