Are you SHA (傻)?

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In Kok's comics, the Sha people are crazy, stupid post-humans that take over the Earth. Are YOU one of them?

  1. Describe yourself.

    • Funny, but I have a limit.
    • Playful, does stupid stuff sometimes.
    • Serious. One word is enough.
  2. Pick a superhero.

    • Iron Man
    • Batman
    • Spiderman
  3. If zombies invaded Earth, pick a weapon to defend yourself.

    • Rubber chicken
    • Chainsaw
    • Shotgun
  4. Pick a drink.

    • Coke
    • Pizza. No, that's food.
    • Sprite
  5. You just survived a zombie apocalypse. What do you do?

    • Celebrate with the other survivors.
    • Print myself an "I survived a zombie apocalypse" T-shirt.
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