What is your spirit animal?

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Do you ever wonder what kind of creature you would be in the animal kingdom? Or do you ever feel like there's an inner beast inside you? Find out which one suits you most!

  1. How do you spend your weekends?

    • Hiking, camping, I can't stand indoors really.
    • Alone, at home, sleeping all day.
    • Hanging out with friends, living the life!
    • What's a weekend? Where can I install that?
  2. What would your favorite sport be?

    • Ummm.. Sport?
    • Volley-ball, basket ball.
    • Run run run.
    • Rugby, boxe, anything violent really.
  3. Do you own any pets?

    • Does a turtle count?
    • A puppy
    • No pets.
    • A kitten
  4. How would you describe your style?

    • Always up with the latest trends.
    • Rockich, punk.
    • Just casual.
    • Bohemian, vintage.
  5. Do you get along with people easly?

    • Formally most of the time.
    • Sure... I mean, how hard could it be?
    • Yes, but I do not trust easly.
    • Please, I have million of friends.
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