Which Batman Super Villain are you?

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With Arkham Knight's release date fast approaching, do you think you're crazy enough to beat the Bat? Let's see.....

  1. What's your favorite color ?

    • Purple!
    • Green, duh.
    • I like brown.
    • Black of course.
  2. Weapon of choice?

    • Anything that'll kill that BLASTED BATMAN!
    • I'll use my own methods to strike fear into my enemies...
    • My own skills and sexiness.
    • I'll just use my natural ways...
    • A whip...
  3. Where would be the purrr-fect hideout?

    • I'd slink in with the crowd like anyone else and use my home as base...
    • The MADHOUSE of course! Why bother hiding when I can't hide my smile?!
    • Any place fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • In the minds of my victims...where else?
    • I can hide anywhere, the Bat will never know....
  4. Where would your perfect first date be?

    • An amusement park, with a haunted house.
    • A fancy dinner and a show.
    • A romantic walk through a botanical garden.
    • A movie, preferably comedy.
    • Anywhere but the natural history museum...All those plants....killed and put on display.....
  5. Best way to kill Batman would be...?

    • I wouldn't kill him, that'd be boring...I'd torture him until he cracked.
    • Drive him crazy, then shred him to pieces.
    • I'd squeeze him to death like a boa constrictor, then feed him to my babies.
    • Scratch him up a bit, then toy with him while he's down.
    • I'd just let him kill himself once I use my formula to drive him...well, batty.
  6. Favorite loot to steal?

    • Diamonds....
    • Anything of value! Loot is loot!
    • I have no need for stolen goods. I just like to smash stuff.
    • I don't steal.
    • Cat-themed stuff...cliché I know...
  7. What do you say when you get a free escape vehicle after a heist?

    • ''Quit your yakin', I got places to be!''
    • ''It is acceptable.''
    • ''It is lovely, but I don't need it.''
    • ''SEE YA SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''
    • ''Yeah, whatever...I guess it'll do.''
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