Which Anti-Hero Are YOU?

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Find out which of these iconic anti-heroes you are, and who knows, maybe with your answers you will discover a new anti-hero you'll want to check out based off of your tastes.

  1. Which band do you like the most?

    • Massive Attack
    • Maya Jane Coles
    • Misfits
    • Mindless Self Indulgence
    • Ministry
    • Rammstein
    • Godsmack
    • Rob Zombie
    • Crystal Castles
    • Gwen Stafani
    • Nine Inch Nails
    • Alice in Chains
    • White Zombie
    • The Prodigy
    • Fear Factory
    • NWA
  2. What kind of movies do you like?

    • Crime movies
    • '80s action flicks!
    • Thrillers
    • Porn
    • Action films
    • Westerns
    • Cyber punk movies!
    • Post-apocalyptic themed flicks
    • Torture films
    • The good kind of anime
    • Dramas
    • Romance
    • I like TV shows more...especially Golden Girls (shhhhh, you'll give us away, idiot)...What? They can't hear us, stupid!
    • Kung-fu flicks are always fun
    • Science fiction
    • War films
  3. You are about to kill someone...

    • Hooks, chains, and maybe I'll throw a shot gun in the mix.
    • My high powered hand cannon!
    • I could use my saber, but I will just rip them apart with my bare hands
    • With a huge smile and mallet
    • My sword, unless I want to make it person, then my own two hands
    • A laser gun or maybe with a pipe, we will see where the night goes first
    • Ooooo, I'll just use this rubber chicken
    • Dual guns...let's make that dual submachine guns..screw it, let's add some grenades in the mix, too
  4. What kind of people do you date?

    • I tend to date people who are very independent and rebellious
    • The very attractive kind. I have high standards
    • Prostitutes and lots of promiscuous women
    • I tend to date crazy and obsessive people
    • The kind who like it rough and unforgiving
    • The kind that always end up trying to kill me
    • I don't date
    • Bar flys
  5. Which place would you stay at?

    • Britian
    • I don't stay anywhere I ride
    • Oooo, New Jersey! Because I'm sooo American (you just like New Jersey because of the whores and that taco place near us). Nothing wrong with that
    • The wastelands of Earth
    • Mega City-One
    • Neo Tokyo
    • California
    • Brooklyn or Lower Eastside of NYC
  6. What's your taste in clothing?

    • Heeey, someone copied us!
    • Black leather and sometimes I rock a poncho
    • I love to rock red leather... Just about red everything
    • Black and anything with studs
    • Red and black works well for me
    • I only wear uniforms
    • Anything that makes me a head-turner
    • Whatever works, man...
  7. What do you enjoy doing in life?

    • Racing and beating the shit out of my rivals
    • I like a good fight, but I also like to kick it and relax when I can
    • I love food! Especially tacos
    • Advancing myself to perfection
    • Finding my inner sanctuary and meditating
    • I like to drink beer and smoke cigars
    • Cleansing the Earth of crime is my ultimate hobby
    • Causing chaos around me
  8. Who do you think you can win a fight against?

    • Batman, I did wipe his ass across the floor once
    • Wolverine
    • Power Girl! She ain't that tough
    • The entire Red Hand
    • Punisher
    • I have no idea, just let me at 'em
    • My best friend
    • That dweeb Superman
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