How Long Would You Survive in the Battle of the Five Armies?

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Whether you're a Dwarf, Elf, Man, Orc or Warg, how would you fare in battle?

  1. Which of these is your spirit animal?

    • A sloth
    • A dog
    • A wild boar
    • An eagle
  2. What would be your pre-battle drink of choice?

    • Water
    • A pint of ale
    • Wine
    • Mead
  3. Pick a weapon for battle:

    • An axe
    • A bow and quiver of arrows
    • A staff
    • A sword
  4. Which color would you want to wear while fighting:

    • Black
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Blue
  5. Which of these songs would be your battle anthem?

    • "Don't Stop Me Now" Queen
    • "All I Do Is Win" DJ Khaled
    • "Danger Zone" Kenny Loggins
    • "Roar" Katy Perry
  6. Which of these is the highest priority for you in battle?

    • Protecting the people I care about
    • Winning
    • Fighting for what I believe in
    • Staying out of everyone's way
  7. What would you hope to be rewarded with for winning the battle?

    • Gold and jewels
    • Nothing, just my safe return home
    • Food
    • Honor
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