what superpower fits you the best?

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Let's just admit it, we've all thought about this. If we could have a superpower, which one would we choose?

if you're sitting there, behind your computer, reading this and denying you ever thought about it consider this your lucky day! Wanna know what superpower fits you the best? Take this quiz ;)

  1. what's your favorite type of food?

    • fastfood.. Duhh!
    • meat
    • fruit and vegetables
    • spaghetti
  2. what superhero is your favorite?

    • superman
    • Captain America
    • spiderman
    • wonder woman of course! girlpower!
  3. if you had to pick a villain, who would you like to be?

    • Lex Luthor
    • Magneto
    • catwoman
    • Doctor Doom
  4. what celebrity would you date?

    • Ansel Elgort
    • Beyoncé
    • Justin Bieber
    • Taylor Swift
  5. where would you live?

    • In the city, duhhh I'm social!
    • In a small town, probably my hometown
    • in a big forest somewhere, I like the silence
    • in a house, kind of logic, no?
  6. if you're stranded on a island and you could take one thing with you, what would you bring?

    • my cellphone of course
    • my broomstick and wand of course
    • a boat, duh
    • books, lots of books and ooh food!
  7. which song fits your current mood the most?

    • reflection -fifth harmony
    • ain't nobody - Felix Jaehn
    • girls just want to have fun - starfucker
    • post to be - Omarion
  8. Pick a color

    • black
    • orange
    • blue
    • red
  9. do you smoke?

    • whaaat no? pfft tss..
    • hell no!
    • sometimes
    • what does this have to do with superpowers? like what the?..
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