Villain Quiz: Could You Beat Batman?

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We all wish we could be superheroes, but only some of us aspire to rise up through the ranks of villainy. Even those gifted with enough dastardly intelligence to become a worthy baddie often cringe at the thought of encountering Batman, and for good reason. Batsy is not only a worthy foe in physical combat, but he has amazing intellect as well, making him a dangerous opponent. Do you think that you could conquer the Caped Crusader? I guess it's time to find out!

  1. Let's go with the classic beginner question, what is your favorite color?

    • Mix-matched bright colors! You like to stand out in a crowd
    • You can't go wrong with blue
    • I don't know, I can never make up my mind
    • Dark colors, blacks and greys
    • Natural greens and yellows
  2. You see the Bat-signal light up the sky and you know he will be on his way shortly. What do you do?

    • Sit there and wait patiently. You're in no hurry
    • Dress one of your goons up as you and send him out as bait
    • Keep blowing up stuff. Maybe that'll make him hurry
    • Hide and wait for the opportune moment to strike
    • Start running. Your plans work better from a distance
  3. You and Batman come face to face. "It's over." He says, suggesting he wants you to give up. What's your response?

    • "All right, I give up. Just don't hurt me!"
    • "What, your life? It sure is over!"
    • "Ah, but I've only just begun."
    • "It's over what? 9,000?"
    • "It's not over until I say it's over Batsy-boy."
  4. It looks like things are going to turn physical. What weapon do you prefer?

    • Your intelligence. Sometimes the best battles are fought with minds
    • A knife. Easy to hide, quick to use
    • A sword. Swords are cool
    • Your bare hands. It's time to show who has the superior martial arts skills
    • A gun. His chest might have armor, but his face sure doesn't
  5. Time to run! What is your escape route?

    • Jump in the river. With all that gear, Batman is sure to sink if he tries to follow you
    • First one way, then the other. Try to stay unpredictable
    • Take to the skies. Sure Batsy can glide with his cape, but he can't fly
    • Straight into the sewers. You already have your traps set up there anyway
    • Run into a dark alley to ambush Batman when he comes by
  6. Batsy eventually catches up to you and beats you down. "You should have given up," he says. How do you reply?

    • "And you should have done me a favor and died."
    • "I know, I'm sorry. Please just let me go."
    • "..."
    • "I never give up unless there is a possibility that I might lose."
    • "But where's the fun in that?"
  7. Batman rears up for one final punch to knock you out. This may be your last chance to try something. What do you do?

    • Close your eyes and brace for the impact
    • Two words: "hidden blade"
    • Click the button on your belt to activate a timed explosive. If you go down, he goes down with you
    • Pull out a smoke bomb and hope that it buys you enough time to escape
    • Catch him off-guard with a headbutt
  8. Now on to the real stuff. You're looking to draw the Bat's attention. What crime do you have in mind?

    • Rob a liquor store. Sometimes the easiest methods are the most effective
    • Good old-fashioned murder
    • Steal a car and go really fast
    • Hack into the power grid to cause a city-wide blackout
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