Which version of Batman are you?

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Are you a Brooding Bale or Clueless Clooney? Time to find out which version of Batman you are from Adam West to Christian Bale.

  1. The Joker is mocking you on live TV. What do you do?

    • I'll probably take a childish fit before I do anything. How dare he mock me!
    • Throw a batarang at him. Because I'm Batman.
    • Finish oiling my Bat nipples and then maybe go and get him later.
    • Call him up and tell him in my Bat Voice that he won't get away with it.
    • I use my connections within the law to ask the TV station to get him off the air, it's the lawful way to do it.
    • I go down there and destroy the whole station to take him down.
  2. It's Saturday night and you've finished fighting crime for the day. What do you do?

    • I throw a party at my house.
    • You have a friendly night out on the town with Robin.
    • I sit alone. No one will talk to me because I kept throwing things at them.
    • You brood, don't forget never to be happy.
    • Drive around in the batmobile. Because you're Batman.
    • I visit my friends at the police station for some good comradery.
  3. Time for dinner but Alfred is out. What do you do?

    • Go get a nice dinner with Robin. Better dress up for the occasion.
    • I'd get a catering company to come and serve me.
    • I don't want to eat. I'm upset.
    • I simply russel up some good American food with Robin and our police friends.
    • You go pick up fast food in the batmobile, because you're Batman.
    • You don't need to eat. Food is happiness, and happiness is bad.
  4. There's a bomb that's about to destroy the city. What do you do?

    • You get rid of it at any cost. Except nuns, or babies, or ducks, or fishermen...
    • You whine about your job being so hard.
    • You think about all the options and only do something drastic if you must.
    • Turn it off. Because you're Batman.
    • Use your bat nipples to defuse the device.
    • Sacrifice yourself to save the city (but don't really).
  5. Several of your worst enemies have teamed up. What do you do to stop them before something bad happens?

    • Look at the script and find out.
    • Tear apart the city screaming at people in my bat voice. Then brood til I get there.
    • I beat up some thugs to find out who's been making noise recently.
    • Use the tracking devices I planted on them all. Because I'm Batman.
    • I sit and figure out which ones it could be, after all I've got the police to help me.
    • Robin and I should figure this out together.
  6. It's date night. Who do you go out with?

    • Catwoman. I like her style.
    • Kitka, my Russian friend. She isn't anyone in disguise.
    • Wildstyle. Well... maybe not.
    • Dr Chase Meridan.
    • Rachel. I love Rachel. Oh she's dead? Okay, Catwoman.
    • Is Robin not an option?
  7. The mayor wants to give you a medal. What do you do?

    • The director said I don't get to go, so I'm sulking.
    • I go to the ceremony to show everyone that you can succeed as a hero lawfully.
    • I don't go, I stick to the shadows, this city doesn't think it needs me.
    • I tell them I'm not coming and then crash the ceremony. Because I'm Batman.
    • Robin and I should celebrate this achievement.
    • I don't go, I throw a party instead.
  8. You're injured but the city needs you. What do you do?

    • I let Alfred heal me up, but quickly.
    • Robin can fix me up, I trust in him.
    • I don't get hurt. Because I'm Batman.
    • The police can handle it, I trust in law enforcement.
    • I don't wanna! I hurt!
    • I go, I can tough it out.
  9. Catwoman is in town. What do you do?

    • Date her.
    • Go catch her before she steals something.
    • Whatever I want. Because I'm Batman.
    • Ignore her, me and Robin are busy.
    • I'll have to check the script again.
    • Take her to Paris.
  10. Finally, you're about to defeat the villain. What do you say?

    • KA-POW!
    • Whatever the script says.
    • I'm not the hero this city wants, but I'm the one it needs.
    • Nothing. I just stand there.
    • Never touch Robin again!
    • Because I'm Batman.
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