Which TV Killer are you?

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Discover which crazed or sophisticated mad man you are.

  1. What do you do if someone breaks into your home?

    • Confront them and talk to them.
    • Kill them in an instant.
    • Find a way of knocking them out for later.
    • Kill them and consume them.
    • Call the police.
  2. Your method of killing?

    • A hammer.
    • A Gun.
    • Cook them a meal made of themselves.
    • A Knife.
    • Persuasion.
  3. Where would you prefer to live?

    • Miami, Florida
    • Everywhere
    • Heavily fortified base
    • In cold weather
    • Italy
  4. What would you do with someone if they discovered your dark secret?

    • Wrap them in plastic wrap, take a slide of blood and then stab them.
    • Shoot without hesitation.
    • Knock them out and cook them delicacy's made from their body.
    • Tell them to kill themselves.
    • Tell them not to say. Then make a break for it.
  5. Why would you kill?

    • They are a threat to my survival.
    • They are within the boundaries of the Code.
    • They look appealing to eat.
    • They talk to me. Things happen.
    • Accidentally
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