Which Dexter character are you?

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Are you the Bay Harbor Butcher or someone hunting him down?

  1. Your favorite quote?

    • “I’m trying to be f***in’ romantic here.”
    • “Remember this forever, you are my son, you are not alone, and you are loved.”
    • “It's the hormones. I go crazy when I'm pregnant.”
    • “Oh, sweet Mary, mother of f**k, that's good!”
    • “If I'd have known that this would get you back in the same room with me, I would have gotten stabbed sooner”
    • “Am I missing something? Where are the victims' footprints?”
    • “That's not opinion, that's science. And science is one cold hearted bitch with a 14 inch strap on!”
    • “Surprise MotherF***er”
    • “Tonight’s the night”
  2. How would you deal with a bad situation?

    • Shoot something.
    • Plastic wrap.
    • Profanity.
    • Surprise Mother F***er.
    • Sexual Innuendo.
    • Over think Situation.
    • Say something obvious.
    • Call the police.
    • Blame anyone beside yourself.
  3. What would be your relation to the Ice Truck Killer?

    • Leave him in a crate.
    • No relation.
    • Stabbed.
    • Surprise Mother F***er.
    • Sibling.
    • Who is the Ice Truck Killer?
    • Sex pun at the victim's bodies.
    • Blame someone else for the killings.
    • Lover.
  4. What’s your reaction to a killer on the loose?

    • Surprise Mother F***er.
    • Goes in search of sex then maybe the killer.
    • A Good Friday night.
    • Tell step son to go kill them.
    • Hopes the Miami Metro catches the killer.
    • Blames wrong person for kills.
    • Sends officers on job.
    • Innuendo about inserting a knife into someone.
    • Monologue mainly consisting of F***s and the occasional “And”.
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