Are You Stupid?

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A Quiz for girls to see how stupid they are!

  1. When was the last time you hit your head?

    • A few days
    • Yesterday
    • Long ago
    • Today
    • A while ago
  2. Do you talk to objects?

    • Sometimes...
    • No, that would be stupid.
    • Yes, very often
  3. Who is your best friend

    • My Bae
    • An animal
    • An Object.
    • Food.
    • A person....
  4. What is a stove?

    • A stove, It's an apparatus for cooking or heating that operates by burning fuel or using electricity.
    • It's a stove.... There's not much to it...
    • It's a Magical box that cooks food!
  5. Are aliens real

    • Aren't we all?
    • There's a 50/50 chance
    • Aliens? What?
  6. What do you prefer as a date?

    • Date? Whats A date?
    • A walk around the park, maybe Ice cream
    • Psycho Ward, where i always am- DUHHH
    • Maybe the movies...
    • I Don't want to date... Ever.... At all....
    • Lunch at a good restaurant
    • Hmm.... I prefer to call them 'Hangouts'
  7. If you DO talk to Objects, what do you talk to?

    • A wall of course.
    • I don't talk to objects...
    • I talk to anything....
    • My mirror,
    • Stuffed animal
  8. How do you have fun?

    • Hang with random people
    • Play truth or dare with my Wall
    • I Play sports
    • Annoy everyone around me
    • I hangout with my Best friend(s)
    • Play video games
    • Read some books
    • I listen to some jamms with the wall of course.
    • Catch a movie
  9. Do you think your stupid?

    • Yes! :D
    • No.
    • Maybe... A little....
  10. What is the purpose of an elevator?

    • To be an elevator....
    • What is an elevator?
    • To take people up and down.
  11. How do you handle bullies

    • Tell someone else about it to make sure these bully's don't bother you again
    • Tell them to get lost or else you'll become their worst nightmare
    • Flip out on the bully
    • Ask them why they are so mean.
    • Become a bully
    • What's a bully?
  12. So why are you taking this quiz?

    • ... I honestly don't remember
    • I would like to see if it thinks i'm stupid or not.
    • Because I can!w
    • I was forced to....
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