What Type of Horror Gamer Are You?

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Are you the gruff horror veteran that doesn't react to much? The one who laughs at being scared? Are you the next Markplier or Pewediepie? Or are you the guy crying in the corner and shivering in terror? Find out with this quiz... IF YOU DARE!

  1. When something jumps out the shadows at you, you...

    • Scream and throw down your controller
    • Jump but then immediately laugh
    • Cynically roll your eyes at it
    • Quit the game
  2. You know there's a monster lying in ambush up ahead and you may or may not have enough ammo to kill it. What do you do?

    • You slowly creep forward but pause the game to calm down and pump yourself up to keep going
    • You smile and keep going, tilting on the edge of your seat and wait for the monster to come at you
    • You chuckle and walk into the ambush without fear
    • Swear, cringe, make weird animal noises but go anyway
  3. Which is more terrifying to you?

    • Hiding in the shadows as the monster searches for you in the dark and you are defenseless
    • When a jump scare is eminent
    • Being cornered by monsters without enough resources to make it
    • Walking through the halls of an empty barely lit place and hearing the sounds of danger or monsters
  4. When creeping down a darkly lit long hallway you...

    • Walk down the hall with the bravado of a terminator
    • Slowly walk down the hallway and check your back when you think you hear something
    • Swear up and down and slowly creep down the hallway, flipping out at the slightest sound
    • Walk down the hallway but are mindful of corners, check your six periodically
  5. Your opinion on the FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's ) series

    • A gaming masterpiece
    • Can't wait for the final chapter
    • Overrated and over hyped - please stop making sequels Scott
    • Too terrified to google search FNAF 4
  6. Which are you most relieved to find in a game?

    • A save station or checkpoint
    • A new monster to try and kill me
    • A gun / ammo
    • A flashlight / batteries
  7. Your reaction when the game suspiciously gives you a lot of resources and a checkpoint

    • Awww yeah!
    • It's about to get real up in here
    • FML (F*** My Life)
    • Oh s*** something bad's about to happen
  8. When the game makes you backtrack through an area you already cleared...

    • Do I have to?
    • *shrugs* I did it once already how bad can it be.
    • Oh great, round two
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