Which 'Hannibal' Character Are You?

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Take this quiz and find out who you embody best!

  1. When supporting a friend in their time of need, what are you most likely to do?

    • I give them helpful advice, but focus on my own problems as well
    • I try to stay away from those type of situations, but will gladly help a friend if asked
    • I focus all my attention on their well-being and make sure that they do what's best for themselves; whether it conflicts with their own interests or not
    • I try to focus more on myself and my problems, however I do give them advice; yet it usually helps me out more than them
  2. If you were working on the scene of a murder, what would you most likely do?

    • I would study the crime scene, and put myself in the place of the killer, trying to figure out their motive
    • I would gather up a team to try and solve the murder
    • I'd consult witnesses and any victims, trying to find out as much information as possible that may help
    • I'd probably be the murderer
  3. Which food appeals to you the most?

    • Home cooked pastas and stir fry
    • Junk food and take away food
    • Pork or any type of meat well-done
    • Microwavable meals
  4. How would your friends describe you?

    • They'd say I'm caring and compassionate
    • I don't have any friends, I prefer animals as companions
    • They'd say I'm a bit controlling and authoritative, even bossy
    • They'd say I am very reserved, and mostly keep things to myself
  5. What do you think are your worst qualities?

    • I am reserved and secretive
    • I am stubborn and controlling
    • I am ignorant and naïve
    • I am quite antisocial
  6. Choose which animal you believe you'd be the closest to?

    • Bear
    • Cat
    • Deer
    • Wolf
  7. What would you most likely live in?

    • A small, rustic home in a secluded place
    • A modern apartment
    • A suburban family-styled home
    • A large and stylish mansion-like house
  8. Which job appeals to you the most?

    • An office worker
    • A veterinarian
    • A chef
    • A nurse
  9. Which quality do you hate most in a person?

    • Rudeness
    • Procrastination
    • Ignorance
    • Dishonesty
  10. Which hobby would you most likely choose?

    • Working at an animal shelter
    • Playing a sport
    • Cooking restaurant-quality food
    • Babysitting
  11. How do you react to meeting new people?

    • I formally introduce myself and talk to them for a while
    • I say hello then get back to my own business
    • I try to avoid looking them in the eyes and awkwardly introduce myself
    • I greet them kindly and ask them questions about themselves
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