Which 'Orange Is The New Black' Inmate Are You?

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Season 3 just hit the Netflix a little less than a week ago. A lot happened in that season. Subsequently people have started wondering who they would be if they were in Lichfield. Well, wonder no more once you take this quiz!

  1. It's your first day in prison, what's the first thing you decide to do?

    • Be sneaky and work the system!
    • Find my favorite eye candy and get to flirting!
    • Make friends and play as nice as possible
    • Sleep. Screw everybody else.
    • Find your people ASAP and start cracking jokes
  2. Another inmate approaches you and accuses you of stealing from their bunk. Your response?

    • "Yea! And I stored it my juicy bits too!"
    • "Stole what? I had nothing to do with that, get out of here... Vodka"
    • "I did nothing. Why would I?"
    • "You crazy. Hell no."
  3. It's lunch. Everything is calm, more or less, and you're in line for what you assume is food. What are you eating today?

    • Whatever my homies are eatin'!
    • Just Peas.
    • Anything that looks like actual food
    • Hopefully that nice brunette at that table
    • Anything, I cooked all of it so it must be good!
  4. What is your "weapon" of choice?

    • Don't care. Don't fight.
    • The back of my hand!
    • Nothing. I do not fight people... directly.
    • Sneak contraband into the victim's bunk, and wait for a search.
    • My tongue! *wink
  5. Here it is, the day you're released. Who do you leave all your prison belongings too?

    • Nobody. In here for life.
    • Eh, I don't give a shit, whoever needs it
    • My "family"
    • My homies, they gon' need it
    • No one. I'm going to need it.
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