Which Jurassic world dinosaur are you

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You are in the movie but who dinosaur are you?

  1. Your favorite color is...?

    • White
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Yellow
  2. You are a dinosaur.You are herbivore or carnivore

    • Carnivore, I eat meat all time
    • I eat meat andvegetables
    • I eat fish
    • Do you say meat I love meat
    • I eat only vegetables
  3. You see other dinosaur .What you going to do now?

    • Battle whit him
    • Eat him
    • Whatever if he attack i will defence
    • Scare him
    • I will attack but not alone
  4. Are you alone or in a group.

    • Alone no ,but whit a friend yes.
    • I am alone and I will stay alone
    • In a group how i will do something alone
    • I'm fine and alone i don't need some one else
    • I am whit my best friends
  5. What you think about water

    • i drink water and it's good
    • I hate water
    • i love water
    • I can stay in the water but i don't love it
    • It's not bad
  6. Are you want to watch Jurassic world

    • The movie is too long and for that I will not gonna watch it on the cinema
    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
    • I love movies whit Chris Pratt
    • Ok I will
    • I love the popcorns in the cinema
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