How long would you survive in the TWD universe ?

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The walking dead is a dangerous place, how long would you survive

  1. A new person wants to join the tight knit group what do you do ?

    • You turn them down saying that you haven't room for them.
    • You except but keep a very close eye on them.
    • you except them in and immediately treat them as one of your own
  2. you are trapped in a house with a zombie alone, what do you do ?

    • you run around the house and hope that as you are alone, that you will be able to trap it in a room.
    • you grab you trusty revolver from your belt and shot the son-of-gun
    • you just wait it out in hope that someone like Glenn will come to your rescue
  3. chose a weapon

    • your bare hands
    • a knife
    • a knife
  4. pick a place to spend the night

    • a tree, no one can get you while you are alone in a tree
    • you chose a cave that only has one entrance
    • you set up traps that will alert you if any walkers are near
  5. there is an unbiten man running towards you what do you do?

    • you kill the man on the spot he could kill you
    • you get your weapons drawn as you can never be to careful
    • immediately ask him if he wants to join you group
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