Which Asterix Character Are You?

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Want to know which indomitable Gaul you are? Or are you more of a "Veni Vidi Vici" person? Find out...

  1. What's your choice of headgear?

    • One adorned with Turkey Feathers Sounds Cool
    • A 2 Winged Helmet
    • A wise man doesn't need any protection from the sky falling on his head!
    • A 2 Horned Helmet
    • A Laurel Wreath
  2. How much of wild boar would you enjoy at the feast?

    • Just one leg. One doesn't feel very hungry with so much wisdom inside.
    • Two or three would just about begin filling my stomach!
    • Boar, that's For those savages! I shan't have any.
    • Two should be enough. My partner says I should be dieting
    • One whole boar, considering I hunted them!
  3. Where are you when the magic potion is being doled out?

    • The leader must get his claim first!
    • I have my own flask.
    • Behind the cauldron.
    • Trying out a new disguise. (This time I'll trick them into giving it to me!)
    • Destroy that magic potion and I'll be the supreme leader! *evil laugh*
  4. If there was an all out battle for the village, where would you most likely be?

    • In some exotic country aiming to conquer it.
    • Fighting in the crowd for the first shot at an enemy as your inalienable right.
    • Running joyfully to bash the enemy.
    • Passing wise comments from the sidelines.
    • Beating the enemy with your wits.
  5. What kind of movies do you like most?

    • Rom-Coms
    • Classical Dramas.
    • All Out Action Films!
    • Detective Thrillers.
    • Educational Films
  6. You're on a sea voyage. Suddenly Pirates attack your ship. What do you do?

    • You aren't the type of person who'd be on a ship in the first place.
    • Reach for your belt!
    • Command your men to destroy and punish them.
    • Swim towards the pirate ship. Get to 'em first!
    • Bandage the wounded from both parties.
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