What Super Mario Character are you?

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Are you more of a classy Mario, or an innocent Yoshi?

  1. Are you...

    • A Kingdom Inhabitant that likes to sit around.
    • A Faithful Protector of the Mushroom Kingdom!
    • Or a Vicious Anti Mushroom, Antagonist?
    • A Spooky Dweller of Haunted Mansions?
    • A strong furry protagonist?
    • A Cute animal oblivious to the ongoing crimes?
    • A Umbrella Fanatic keen on getting kidnapped?
    • The Brother of a part time Plumper?
    • A Galaxy Master?
  2. Do people think of you as...

    • An Unneeded Second Wheel?
    • A Weak being?
    • A member of Royalty?
    • A Ghost?
    • A Hero?
    • A Terrifying Creature?
    • An Ape?
    • An Astronaut?
    • A loyal Sidekick?
  3. Do you...

    • Live among the trees?
    • Manage a Kingdom?
    • Consume far too many Mushrooms
    • Often find yourself Jumping off cliffs
    • Scare People, yet people scare you?
    • Own multiple Castles?
    • Try to aid those in need?
    • Live far away?
    • Follow in your Brother's Footsteps
  4. Would You Rather...

    • Or Frequently Kidnap?
    • Or Frequently Get Kidnapped?
    • Or Go all out Ghostbusters on Mansions?
    • Or Munch on Bananas?
    • Be able to jump super high?
    • Or Never have to do your job?
    • Or just sit around and do nothing?
    • Or Haunt Mansions?
    • Or Explore Multiple Galaxies?
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