Which comic book hero is your friend?

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Over the years you've been friends with so many people. One of them turns out to be long lasting one. But at times he/she just disappears without any reasons and as it turns out that in this universe there exists superheroes and your friend is one of them but you didn't know. Describe him/her to know which superhero is he/she.

  1. what type of character is he/she?

    • calm and collective
    • leader with good judgement and strong
    • helpful and active to do anything
    • has a temper but always willing to help and is smart
    • smartass with good skills
  2. what life style does he/she prefer?

    • cautious and sensitive about his life
    • mostly alone and doesn't share much
    • looks to have fun and enjoy
    • sarcastic and a bit of a show-off
    • acts cool, fails to make proper impression
  3. what type of opinion does he/she have about society and politics?

    • pessimistic yet keeps it to himself/herself
    • only focuses on helping and doesn't talk much about politics
    • wants to follow the law and bring justice to everyone
    • optimistic
    • doesn't really care what they do or say
  4. Does he/she let you visit their place?

    • Occasionally
    • Quite frequently
    • Mostly does
    • Mostly not
    • If we ask, yes
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