Which TV Superhero are you?

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Are you a speedster, super smart, super strong? Take the super quiz and find out!

  1. Super Power of Choice?

    • Amazing Marksmen Skills
    • Super Speed
    • Great Hand-To-Hand combat skills
    • Super Strength
  2. What would you rather be..

    • Smart, handsome but legally blind
    • Super Smart and Nerdy
    • Strong, Beautiful but only one of your kind
    • Super handsome and Rich but have lost numerous loved ones
  3. Favourite Colour?

    • Red
    • Moroon
    • Blue
    • Green
  4. Career of Choice?

    • Forensic specialist
    • Businessman
    • Lawyer
    • Full Time Student
  5. If you could only choose one lost loved one, who would you choose?

    • Mother
    • Mother and Father
    • Father
    • Entire Family
  6. What scares you most?

    • Getting weakened by an object
    • Gangsters
    • The Cold
    • People wearing masks
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