What Kind Of Moviegoer Are You?

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There's always 'that' person when you go to the movie theatre. So which one are you?

  1. What do you do before going to a movie?

    • Getting my snacks together - Don't want to get hungry
    • Waiting for everyone else to show up
    • Buy the ticket right before the showing
    • Nothing - Going into this with a clean slate
    • Watch the trailer or read a review - Mentally prepared movie knowledge
  2. How early do you get there for?

    • "I have enough time. Trust me" *walks out the door*
    • "Where's my other shoe" - Go, Go, Go!
    • I leave way before - Organised ("You never know right?")
    • "Whatevs"
    • "Just enough time to get my snacks and head in with everybody else"
  3. How many people do you go with to see a movie?

    • Whoever wants to join
    • Just myself
    • A big group (5 or 6)
    • 1 other person - Not big on crowds
    • A small group (3 or 4)
  4. Snacks?

    • The movie is more important
    • Just a popcorn and a drink - Average stuff really
    • Jumbo Size Me!
    • I might get bored so yeah why not?
  5. Where do you like to sit?

    • Premium seats - Getting my money's worth
    • As far back as I can - (It makes me feel superior)
    • Front Row Baby!
    • The corner - "I am the night!"
    • Right bang in the middle - Best seat in the house
    • Aisle seats/side bars - It's a matter of convenience
    • It doesn't really matter
  6. Do you mind if people sit next to you?

    • Seriously, why here of all places?
    • My friends and I own this section
    • I found a nice quiet place
    • As long as my friends are by me
  7. What do you do as you're waiting for the movie to start?

    • Talking to my friends
    • People need to know what I'm doing - Texting, Social Networking
    • Observing other people in the theatre
    • Playing games on my phone
    • Chillaxing
  8. What's most important to you in a movie

    • Visual Effects / Sound Design
    • Director
    • Action Sequences
    • Actors
    • Plot
  9. Talk much?

    • "Is this the part where...?"
    • "What's going on?"
    • "Did you see that?!"
    • "Shut up!"
    • "..." *silently watches*
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