What JLA member are u?

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As careful as superman or as dangerous as batman?

  1. you get a power thats unpredictable do you do one of the following to protect the ones you care about

    • Track down someone whose had the power to before to act as a mentor
    • Learn about it and enhance it everyday
    • Run Away
    • Try and control it
  2. Someone discovers your power you do what?

    • Bribe them to keep their mouth shut
    • Make him your side kick
    • Kill them
    • Get Hugo Strange to scramble his brains
  3. Justice League wants you to join but you wont be teaming up with the A-List members do you ?

    • Prove to them your worth being A-List
    • Negotiate so you can be an A-lister
    • Reject and keep your city safe with a possible sidekick.
    • Join in the blink of an eye
  4. Villain demands you join his dungeons and hell spare the earth do you?

    • Let them decide for you
    • Screw him im getting my buddies and were going to kick his ass
    • Screw them i can live this out myself
    • immediately give up for everyone.
  5. What power would you rather have?

    • Superspeed
    • Superstength
    • Will-Powered ring
    • Flight
    • Master of Martial arts , great detective , super rich
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